Basketball Devolopment Academy

BASKETBALL DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY TRAINING PROGRAMME is based on coaching strategies from BDA Directors, Coach Dejan Milojevic and Coach Bane Vukovic. Individual training at our academy plays a very important role in the development of young players. It is well known that team training is not enough for the development of a player. Individual training is what every player needs, and it is simply a MUST!

Basketball Devolopment Academy

Regardless of the player’s age, level, position, and which skills the player is trying to improve in his basketball training workout, it is essential that he trains with perfect technique in his workouts to maximize results and make him the best player he can be.

BASKETBALL DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY is offering tailor-made individual programmes to all the players who wish to improve and bring their game to the next level.

WHEN? Any time of the year

WHERE? Serbia, Malta or in YOUR COUNTRY

WHO FOR? All ages, young or PRO players

FORMAT? Individual training with up to 4 players per group

HOW TO APPLY? Simply click the CONTACT US page, send us an email or phone us.


This camp was organized by Basketball Development Academy between 3rd - 7th JANUARY 2022. A 16-year-old player, Ron-Levi Haas, from Germany, who plays for NBBL Heilderbeg in Bundes Liga and also for U18 SG Mannheim, traveled to Malta for a BDA camp where he joined the Eurobasket Malta player of Chinese origin, Chen Junxi.

BDA Coach-Director Bane Vukovic did a 5-day tailor-made training programme for both players, focusing on shooting exercises in order to improve the players' shooting technique. Two sessions of intense training were held per day.

Both players also spoke to the other BDA Coach-Director, Dejan Milojevic, via video link as he is currently in the USA as the Assistant Coach of Golden State Warriors. Coach Milojevic spoke to Ron and Chen about their future and was very interested to hear about their future plans. Both players were also happy to speak to Coach Milojevic about his training sessions at Golden State Warriors and about the team's star player, Steph Curry.

After the camp, Coach Bane Vukovic stated:

"Our Individual training programme is the ideal opportunity for young players to polish up their skills. It is very important for every player's development to hear more opinions and learn from other coaches. At BDA Camps we focus a lot on detail and work on "small things" that make a big difference in the player's game.
We are happy to invite all players to join us at BDA Individual camps in the future. We are sure that our tailor-made programmes will positively impact their careers."

Coach Dejan Milojevic, who developed many top players such as Nikola Jokic, Boban Marjanovic, Ivica Zubac, Vasa Micic and many others, also spoke about the importance of individual training:

"Individual training is a very important part of a player's development, and it should be done constantly during a basketball player's career. We will try to set up guidance for players and point out important things that they should work on individually in order to improve their performance in team training sessions and games."


Basketball Devolopment Academy
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